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is a nifty little utility that speeds up the copying process of between directories, physical hard drives or over the network. When it moves files, it skips bad sectors and reports these errors at the end of the operation. You can also access it via the Windows Explorer context menu. If you prefer to do it over its interface, the only way to add files is by drag and drop. Multiple items can be loaded by selecting them while holding the ‘Ctrl’ key and dropping them into ’s GUI. If you click the “More” button, you can also see the size and status of each file found in the respective folder, and whether it was successfully copied or not.

Our test was made with a 9.89GB folder (let the record show we installed the software on ). TeraCopy managed to copy it in 10 minutes and 47 seconds, and the status for each file read “Ok”. The speed is outstanding and it suffices to say that it outgrows Windows’ native tool.

What we noticed about TeraCopy and is worth telling is the fact that Windows’ normal copy, move and paste functions are overwritten by TeraCopy’s commands during its deployment. That means that you are no longer able to use Windows’ built-in Cut / Copy / Paste, because these have been replaced by TeraCopy.

If you wish to revert to Windows’s original functions regarding the copying / moving data process, the only solution is to uninstall TeraCopy.

All in all, TeraCopy makes quite the file mover. On the upside, it’s faster that Windows’ native tool, but on the downside, it replaces the system’s original commands for Copy / Move operations.

Download TeraCopy 2.27 / 2.3 Beta 2

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