Paltalk 10.3 Build 491 Download Last Update

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paltalk Paltalk 10.3 Build 491 Download Last Update

Build 491 Last Update

is an instant messaging tool that you can use to communicate with your friends, regardless of the distance that separates you. During the installation process, you should pay special attention because offers to install the Ask Toolbar, to make Ask your default engine and to set your homepage to by default, so you have to select custom installation if you do not want this. When you first enter the program, you must select a nickname, , e-mail address and question.

Additionally, PalTalk creates a link for you via SuperIM, based on your nickname. This way, you can simply send a link to someone, and they can instantly chat with you in the window.

The user interface is quite friendly. Under the friends list you can view featured chat rooms or create your own. Unfortunately, you cannot call your friends, but your picture or avatar can be added via drag and drop.

The Settings section allows you to configure general options, the output path to transferred files, SuperIM (e.g. webcam viewing and publishing, default voice mode when audio is enabled), the SuperIM URL (choose an URL based on your nickname or otherwise, and protect it with a password), audio setup, webcam setup, slider notifications, privacy options, alerts and sounds, sound tuning, parental controls, but you can also test your Internet connection and manage accounts.

Additionally, you can access other instant messaging services once you install them (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, , Google Talk), take a snapshot, record and share video messages, and more.

PalTalk is not very different from other similar products, but it generally uses less system memory, and it does not seem to crash or jam so often.

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