mp3DirectCut 2.17 Download Last Update

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mp3DirectCut mp3DirectCut 2.17 Download Last Update

2.17 Last Update

Audio cutting is thought to be a piece of cake. That is correct if you have the right tools at hand and the necessary knowledge to use those tools to your advantage. As power is nothing without control, so is the know-how without the proper set of instruments. mp3DirectCut fancies to provide just that by aiding you in this particular field of audio editing.It’s a simple utility that opens an file and lets you cut a certain part. The application proves to be very useful when it comes to audio mix and ringtone creation.

It does not support MP3 only, but MP2 and CUE sheet files as well. mp3DirectCut helps you accomplish tasks like adjusting the overall volume, splitting and even copying parts of a song into another file.

Installation does not provide any complications and it only takes a few seconds until you can using the software. All functions you need are easily accessible and in plain view. You can always use the mouse to mark the and the end points, but it’s better to use the navigation boxes placed below the graph area for greater accuracy.

In addition, the `Special` menu reveals advanced features such as `Auto Cue`, `Pause detection`, `Check for re-syncs` or `High-speed recording` that help you achieve the results you look for. Getting past the pleasant interface, the whole program is pretty easy-to-use given the fact you get accustomed to it. And this is just a matter of time.

You can chose to save the complete audio mix, export the current selection only and even generate CUE sheets for longer audio files. Mp3DirectCut also brings `Batch processing` capabilities to the table to ease up the process. It supports ID3 tags, creates fades, normalizes the audio levels by limiting the peaks and also allows you to jump to a specific tracks of an audio file loaded through its associated CUE file.

mp3DirectCut provides the tools to work with and it does that with modesty in mind. Overall, you may not find something simpler and more straight-forward than mp3DirectCut. It acts like a true audio surgeon with added speed of execution and intelligent usage of system resources, while the results are more than satisfactory.

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