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GameGain Download Last Update

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gamegain GameGain Download Last Update

GameGain Download Last Update

GameGain is a very simple application supposed to optimize your computer as much as possible, thus boosting gaming performance.Of course, that sounds like a great idea and we admit it is, but don’t expect GameGain to do wonders. It only optimizes the system for better frame rates and animations, so chances are that you’ll experience just a minor improvement in speed.The application relies on a very simple interface, which is indeed great, especially when thinking that such a tool is not only addressed to expert users, but also to beginners who are less interested in wasting time on a complicated configuration screen GameGain only asks you to choose the operating system you’re currently using, the processor type of your computer and the speed setting you wish to apply Don’t worry if you don’t know the processor type because there’s an “Unknown” option too, so you’re on the safe side all the time. Plus, GameGain comes with a comprehensive help manual, so you may have a look in there too The optimization process takes just a few seconds, as the app attempts to modify the system registry to boost performance, change refresh rates or improve animations and screen drawing Of course, GameGain runs on low computer resources and can get along with most versions of Windows, including XP, Vista and 7.

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