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 Comodo Dragon Download Last Update

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Few would argue to the fact that the Internet has rapidly become the most used communication medium worldwide. That is why the major players on the web market strive to offer users faster and stable products and Comodo Dragon makes no exception. This is based on the Chromium technology, thus its appearance is similar to . Just like its more popular relative Comodo Dragon is focused on combining simplicity with functionality, thus the interface is quite minimalistic, displaying only the address bar and the navigation buttons.

Furthermore, it provides users with the all the classic features that offers, including a bookmark organizer, a download and a manager, developer tools, as well as extension and theme support. Also, you can create custom profiles for every user and personalize the browser according to one’s preferences and needs.

Comodo Dragon offers advanced privacy and features, considering the growing number of online threats. The browser places a lot of emphasis on the user privacy, so just like Chrome, it allows you to use the Incognito Mode to navigate on the web securely.

You can optionally suppress HTTP referrer header, which restricts websites from knowing where you came from. Also, the cookie and history can be erased after every session, thus ensuring your privacy.

What is specific about Comodo Dragon is the Comodo Secure DNS technology, which you can use to malware domains and protect your computer. Malicious websites are automatically detected and blocked, while the browsing is faster due to the use of Comodo DNS servers.

Designed to be simple and easy to use, Comodo Dragon is a fast browsing solution that can be enhanced if the user chooses to install add-ons. Besides the basic browser functionality and features, it offers superior protection options that you can use to make the browsing experience more secure.

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