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beyluxe messenger Beyluxe Messenger Download Last Update


Last Update. Beyluxe Messenger is an instant messaging service that you can use to talk with people from all over the world.Users are advised to pay attention when installing this product. Since it is ad-supported, Beyluxe Messenger offers to make some modifications.

The user interface of the program is a simplified version of the ones found in more popular instant messengers.
You can view online and offline friends, add contacts, via microphone and enable webcam, send and receive files, view time stamps, set a predefined or custom status, switch to invisible mode and manage “custom away” messages.

Additionally, you can change the theme and your account , view a profile, access the message archive, change the interface theme, create a private room or join a chatroom (includes several categories and sub-categories).

Furthermore, you can enter the “Preferences” menu to configure “General” (e.g. automatically Beyluxe Messenger), “Appearance”, “Message Archive”, “Events and Sounds”, “Privacy Options”, “Account Manager”, “Favorite Manager”, “Webcam Setup” and “Audio Setup”.

The messenger uses a moderate-to-high amount of system resources and contains a help file. However, you cannot create groups of friends or use a picture to identify yourself.

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