Baidu PC Faster Download Last Update

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Baidu PC Faster

 Baidu PC Faster Download Last Update

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provides you with an all-in-one toolbox to make sure your computer is running at its best from various points of view including clutter, system issues, speed obstructions, vulnerabilities that can be easily fixed through WIndows update or other Internet-related problems that may appear. This particular piece of software presents one of the best looking interfaces on the market. Although colorful, it does not surpass the common sense threshold that many other applications simply blast to pieces and manages to organize its features and tools in a very thoughtful way.

The main sections of the program refer to Home, Win Update, Cleaner, SpeedUp, Cloud Scan, ToolBox as well as an APP Store. The first area of the software, which loads upon starting up the application, offers a Quick Care button that runs a few essential tests for cleaning up junk and privacy files as well as registry entries.

Other important sections that are checked during the process are assigned to the LSP Network Connection, Secure Sockets Layer, Group Policy, Task Manager or DNS Server Settings. The Win Update segment notifies of high risk patches or optional and not recommended patches. The Cleaner comprises an One Click Clean operation and other processes involving system junk, history, application junk, usage traces or various invalid registry issues.

The SpeedUp section helps you quickly and easily scan for startup items, system services, scheduled tasks, system settings and Internet settings that can be optimized, a very constructive Boot Time Manager and numerous applications, services or tasks that automatically run at startup and add precious seconds to the boot interval time.

CloudScan rapidly scans your computer’s system settings, common software, running programs, startup items and all other disk files and also provides two scanning modes: faster or deeper. One more positive thought about Baidu PC Faster is that while scanning, you can actually work with your computer without any hassle, due to the cloud technology.

You also can access the ToolBox and perform Internet speed tests and even repair your , Internet or LSP connections as well as your installation. The App Store comes packing the most popular software and what’s even better is that it contains categories for all your favorite software out there.

The bottomline is that Baidu PC Faster is a valuable application and quite a great addition to the software market. In an era full of pointless programs that offer nothing to the end-user and, moreover, feature third-party bloatware, Baidu PC Faster comes as a high dose of fresh air. Its quality stands out from the crowd and that makes it a recommendation for each one of you, no matter the know-how level.

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