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1click dvd copy pro 1Click DVD Copy Pro Download Last Update

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is a powerful Windows software solution designed to help you copy DVD movies to and from DVD discs, offering the latest technologies to help you in this regard.With a straightforward interface that makes everything easy as pie even for the very beginners, offers full control over the files you’re about to copy, as it comprises multiple predefined copy presets to make the whole process faster and easier.You thus have to select the source and destination, which can be either a DVD burner or a folder on your local disc, but also the working folder which stores the temporary files.The number of available options is pretty limited, which is great news for beginners, so picking the preferred audio languages and choosing whether to use dual layer media and movie only menus should do the job.Additionally, the “Copy Preset” is the thing that’s the most important because this way you can choose the content to be copied. There are multiple options as it follows: movie only, movie and extras, episode DVD, full disc, exact copy and custom, in which case you have to manually pick every component to keep.As you can see, comes with support for dual layer media, but it’s also compatible with both NTSC and PAL DVD movies. It even shows a preview of what you’re about to copy, regardless if we’re thinking about the main video, menus or other extras.

Overall, 1Click DVD Copy Pro is one piece of software and thanks to its user-friendly approach, you can even make a full DVD backup with just a few clicks.

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